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Tsayta Aviation Ltd


Looking for reliable transportation to and from exploration camps in Smithers, BC  Look no further than our experienced bush pilots. We offer fuel hauls, crew moves, guide outfitter support, and government services as required. Trust us to get you where you need to go safely and efficiently.


Aircraft Fleet

Kodiak Nahlin.JPEG
2012-09-18 22.02.02.jpg

Quest Kodiak Turboprop

    a great modern bushplane

  • Useful Load: 3185 Lbs 

  • Speed 175 Knots 

  • Passengers: Up to 9 

  • Undercarriage : Wheels

Texas Turbine Otter


  • Useful Load: 3800 lbs

  • Speed: 135 knots

  • Passengers: Up to nine

  • Undercarriage: Wheels, Floats, Skiis

Dehavilland DHC-2 Beaver

Useful Load  1800 lb

Speed 100 Knots

Passengers:  Up to 6

Undercarriage Wheels, Skis, Floats


Cessna 206

Useful Load  1200 lbs

Speed 160 mph

Passengers:  Up to 4

On Wheels

Kodiak 100

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